Monday, August 24, 2009

Victoria Secret

Salam people...

Firstly, my deepest apology for not updating this blog. It feels like ages since I last post something here.

Well, at least I think I have a solid reason why...I was in the USA for 3 weeks visiting my husband. Just got back on Saturday, and now I am wide awake...jet-lag! But I should be fine by tomorrow, I hope so.

Since I got nothing to do, other than crying myself out because I'm away from hubby...I decided to update my blog. Here goes...

I bought 12 body mist from Victoria Secret, but my sisters and cousin bought 4 bottles from me first before I could even post it in this blog.

It's only for RM45 per bottle !! I got 8 different scents

  • Pure Seduction (sold)
  • Romantic Wish (sold)
  • Enchanted Apple (sold)
  • Love Spell (sold)
  • Berry Kiss (sold)
  • Vanilla Lace (sold)
  • Amber Romance (sold)
  • Delicate Petals (sold)

Send me an email and I'll be happy to deliver it to you.

Let's shop for some sexy and sweet smell from Victoria Secret~~

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update from Mumbai

Salam frens...

For those who ordered punjabi suits, I am terribily sorry...I could not find anything that is decent and beautiful. So, I thought better don't buy just for the sake of buying..I want to make sure that I got good stuff for all of you.

BUT...I found rather simple and elegant sarees. CANTEK sangatttt~~

When I arrive in KL tomorrow, i'll take pictures and upload them, ok?

Take care now!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Last 2 items from 1st batch

Well, as all of you know.. I am going to Mumbai again this Sunday and will be re-stocking my stocks.

Buy hey....I still got 2 more sarees from my 1st batch. Come on people !!!!

Cream saree - RM320

Turqoise saree - RM250

Monday, July 13, 2009


Salam all,

You know what? I might be going to Mumbai again sometime next week.

This time, I think I'll take orders...due to popular demand. I will try my very very best to find your colour and taste and design. Nk raye katekan, so it's the right time to shop for kain and buat baju raya

For sure, i know kak hafiz...u nk 2 saree kaler hitam and 1 punjabi suit lengan panjang. Aunty Jun wants punjabi suit kaler fushaa ( m not sure betul eja ke tak nih) hehhe. And the lists goes on :)

Leave your comments down here, and I'll jot them down.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mumbai, India~~

Namaste everyone...

I just got back from Mumbai, India last Sunday. And guess what ?? I bought loads of sarees and punjabi suits. Just scroll down and have a look.

If you are interested to buy one, drop me an email : and I will give you my acc # and we will discuss on the delivery service. BUT it's FREE within KLCC vacinity area...further than that, I would have to add on the courier service charge.

Be prepared to be mesmerized with the ever beautiful sarees and punjabi suits. Have fun!

Green - RM50 (sold)

Brown saree - RM150 (sold)

Turqoise saree - RM250

Pink saree - RM300 (sold)

Cream saree - RM320

Off white saree - RM350 (sold)

Turqoise punjabi suit - RM75 (sold)

Pink 1 punjabi suit - RM75 (sold)

Pink polk-a-dot punjabi suit - RM75 (sold)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My First Entry


My name is Farashikin Adnan. Whenever I travel, people will always have trouble pronouncing my name. So, my lovely hubby suggested...why don't try to use phonetics so that they can get it right once and for all. Good idea, huh ?


There you go...that's why my blog title is Sheecane Shopping List.

Anyways, I luurrvvvveeee shopping. Who doesn't? We girls are born with it.

I do lots of travelling. Here there everywhere. Then, I tought to myself...why don't I buy some stuff from where ever I am so that you can have a look and even BUY from me.

Great idea, don't you think so? Hehee..

Long story short.....have fun shopping here !!!