Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mumbai, India~~

Namaste everyone...

I just got back from Mumbai, India last Sunday. And guess what ?? I bought loads of sarees and punjabi suits. Just scroll down and have a look.

If you are interested to buy one, drop me an email : farashikinadnan@gmail.com and I will give you my acc # and we will discuss on the delivery service. BUT it's FREE within KLCC vacinity area...further than that, I would have to add on the courier service charge.

Be prepared to be mesmerized with the ever beautiful sarees and punjabi suits. Have fun!

Green - RM50 (sold)

Brown saree - RM150 (sold)

Turqoise saree - RM250

Pink saree - RM300 (sold)

Cream saree - RM320

Off white saree - RM350 (sold)

Turqoise punjabi suit - RM75 (sold)

Pink 1 punjabi suit - RM75 (sold)

Pink polk-a-dot punjabi suit - RM75 (sold)

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